Thursday, March 13, 2014


 Happy BEAR Day!

Our BEAR Day was a culmination of studying fiction and non-fiction bears.  After our bear research project, we began reading and comparing Goldilocks and the Three Bears stories.  There were definitely some favorites!

A great twist on the old story--a favorite of the class!

A funny version by the author of the Elephant and Piggie books
We started the day with the beautiful story of how the toy bear became "Teddy Bear," named after President Theodore Roosevelt.  For a quick blurb on the story of Roosevelt and the bear, check out the National Park Service site.

We had a great time making bear waffles with mini and regular waffles, blueberries and licorice lace!


We made bear bags, some featuring speech bubbles!

 We used our "shake the bears" bags to add up to 15 and 16...

and made Goldilocks puzzles with hidden pictures.

Some kindergarteners brought their bears with them to recess to enjoy the fine weather too.


We had our penultimate Biobuddies visit this Wednesday, and added the final pieces to our body tracings!

Part of our session with the biobuddies involved using our lungs and counting how many jumping jacks, push-ups and sit-ups we could do in a minute.

Sit-ups can be pretty challenging!
Trying for 100 push-ups!

We will meet up with our wonderful buddies in April to study our teeth and hopefully do some outdoor work exploring our senses!
Friday, March 7, 2014

Green Eggs and Ham

I do not like them, Sam-I-Am!

We thought about how we might like to eat (or not eat!) Green Eggs and Ham.  Here's our chart:
One friend said she would like green eggs and ham... on her brother's head!  

We ate a green eggs and ham snack too.. complete with vanilla yogurt, green jelly beans and ham for some.

We also sampled some red fish, two fish!

Each child also made up their own silly Seuss word and came up with a funny meaning for it!

 A clplosh is when a car tire flies through the air!

A lulae!

A hahaha is a kind of candy!

A bonaroo is a special bone for a dog.

A booboo!

A mofjogo is a cake with too much chocolate.

A culplump is when one fish wacks another fish high in the sky.

A flodfloboob is a dessert that tastes like bubbles.

A ploto is a double flip!

A meltap is a small building.

A gubelbabol is a fish that eats other fish!

A doogu!
To finish off our week, another friend read A Wocket in my Pocket!

Let's... Play... Hockey!

When we can't play outside, let's bring the hockey inside!

We captured some great creativity during indoor play!  Some students were inspired by the Eiffel Tower...

and some were inspired by fire stations and community buildings.

I Am The Lorax

And I speak for the trees!  We listened to a reading of The Lorax  and imagined what we would do if we stumbled upon the last Truffula tree.  Some children said they would water it, get seeds from its fruit and plant more.  Others said they would cut it down and make a coat to stay warm!

We also talked about what the word "unless" means--a critical word written at the end of the story.  It was a great word to help us think!