Friday, January 23, 2015

The Mitten

We have read a few versions of the story The Mitten this week, and used them to dig deeper into our reading comprehension in thinking about character, setting, and story details.

We compared the sequence of events in both stories and noted how they differed.  In the Jan Brett story, the main character Nicki gets new mittens at the beginning of the story.  In the Alvin Tresselt version, the boy gets new mittens at the end (after his mitten burst into pieces!).  We also noted which animals were in both stories, like the rabbit the bear, and the mouse.  

We have also begun reading pared down scripts from the Jan Brett version known as "Readers Theater."  Our reading groups have done a wonderful job getting into the feeling of reading as their characters, and will continue practicing next week.  We hope to do an informal reading from each group in-class sometime in the following week, and will try to capture some great pictures of the readings.

We thought about describing words as well.  Each child decorated matching mittens, then wrote several sentences describing their mittens.  Some wrote about their zigzag patterns, others wrote about how their mittens had rainbow patterns.  Then--oh no!  One mitten from each pair was "lost" in the paper snow outside the classroom.  We posted their descriptions so passers-by can help find that missing mitten.

Some readings of the two versions of The Mitten are posted below.  One of the author/illustrators, Jan Brett, has a wonderful website with activities and more which you can feel free to check out here.

Happy Mitten Weather!  Stay warm!


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