Sunday, February 1, 2015

Emergency Preparedness

Your children may have shared with you that as soon as we returned from skating this Friday, we had a lockdown drill.  It was especially startling since we had to rush from getting our gear off at our lockers to the classroom.

After the drill, we talked about why we do it.  We emphasized how our first priority is to keep our students safe, and we take it very seriously.  We also talked about how Breck works hard to make sure we are all safe, and how we can be assured our security guards watch our school carefully. Many of the students asked thoughtful questions, and may continue asking these questions at home.  

I enjoyed reading this blog post from Dr. Prager at the Huffington Post.  She provides some thoughts on talking to children about these kinds of drills, and she offers some ideas on the kind of language one might use when a child feels frightened about emergency drills.  


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