Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring Biobuddies

We had another wonderful visit from our biobuddies today!

We started out thinking about the digestive and nervous systems--drawing our favorite foods and drawing our brains!

Then it was time to finish up our body tracings and take them home...

Bodies complete with circulatory systems, brains, lungs and digestive systems

We had some extra time, so why not tackle the muscular system and see how strong we are?

Everyone tested to see how many sit-ups they could do in a minute.  The new class record is 39!

Then it was time for push-ups.  What a workout!

Jumping jacks were the best.  One friend counted 100 in one minute!

Everyone checked in with their weighing and measuring--lots of growing and changing this year!  We weigh and check height with the metric system, so our kindergartners may recall their measurements in kilograms and centimeters.

Our last visit from our middle school science buddies is at the end of April.  They will host us in the middle school cafeteria for a special pizza lunch!  The kindergartners are already looking forward to it!


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