Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Daily Five

We recently began our literacy station rotations known as "The Daily Five."  The Daily Five allows the students to explore hands-on word work and writing activities that reinforce some of the skills we are working on as a large group.  Now that we are in the spring season, our kindergartners are ready for more independent choices, allowing the teachers to also meet with our guided reading groups more often during the week!  The "Meet with the Teacher" Daily Five choice means meeting in our guided reading groups with one of the teachers.  Although we cannot always get to our Daily Five every day, we will try for at least four times a week--close to "daily!"
Each week, we will be adding more stations to our daily five--until it actually becomes a daily six!  You may see a sheet go home at the end of the week with your kindergartner's choices that week.
The Daily Five also gives the children the opportunity to read "just right books" or books right at their independent reading level.  So many children are engaged and finding more books they love!

Our "read to self" station
Reading "just right" books

One of the students' favorite "read to self" activities are our fluency cards!

As students become more comfortable and speedier reading short phrases, they move from level 1 through level 8.  The children practice reading the phrases with expression too!
Once done with our fluency cards, our kindergartners are ready to try more complex sentences with our rainbow sentence strips!

One of our popular choices is "listen to reading."  We have several guided reading leveled libraries on the iPads, along with familiar emergent stories like The Gingerbread Man.  In addition to stories, the children are free to explore apps like Little Speller, Montessori Word Families, RhymeSorts and more.

Word Work is often a time for children to build familiar or new words we are learning, like color words.
spelling color words with paper letters

Work on writing means that children are building stories, trying our poem challenge for the week, or creating sentences based on our popcorn words.  We have a bin called "maze stories," wherein a student can find their way through the challenging mazes with a dry-erase marker, then come up with a silly story to tell what happened through the maze.

matching rhymes and building maze stories
For more information on the Daily Five, check out the authors of the Daily Five here and see some of the positive things educators note about the routine.


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