Thursday, April 16, 2015

Our New Writing Genre: Persuasive Writing

Our students finished the latest genre of informational writing, called "All About Writing." Your child may bring home their all-about booklets tomorrow, along with some brainstorming sheets we did with our American Brown Bear research that started the unit.

To help us start our new unit, we turned to the Pigeon!

After reading this favorite story, we thought about reasons why we should and reasons why we should not let the pigeon drive the bus.  We made a class chart, then each child picked a side and wrote their reasoning behind their decision.

Lots of children mentioned how unsafe it was that the pigeon couldn't reach the seatbelt or the pedals --very safe thinking!

We used this text as a springboard to think about how we can use writing to persuade.  Today, we acted as the Lorax and thought of problems we see around our community or the world.  We began writing reasons why we noticed these problems and even offered solutions!  Some children wrote about the drought in California, and some wrote about how people leave trash on the bathroom floor. This is an empowering and insightful writing unit-we can't wait to see more of our students' writing!


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