Friday, April 17, 2015

Third Grade Buddies

 We visited our third grade buddies this week to learn about raptors.  Our buddies shared their research on different raptors from the great horned owl to the golden eagle.

There are some wonderful artistic recreations of raptors in front of Mrs. Schafer's room!  Each third grader shared the information they learned about their raptor using a variety of media.  Our students were able to see the different ways you can show your research and gain your audience's attention.

Many children showed us their Powerpoint presentations!

Some children read their written reports to their captive audience!

A few children shared their trifold presentations...

and we heard some wonderful narrative non-fiction related to raptors!

Next week, we are excited to host our buddies and teach them how to use our app Barefoot Atlas to research an animal from one of our animal groups!


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