Friday, September 25, 2015


Happy Homecoming to All!  We joined the fun in the chapel gallery today and met the homecoming court.  Lots of us had our smiles on!

Getting high-fives from the court

For math this week, we explored shapes through patterns.  During our workshop afternoons, some friends worked in partners starting patterns, while some worked on their shape booklets (to be presented to parents at conferences this week!).  We also read the book Mouse Shapes and were inspired to make shape mice.

During writers' workshop this week, we began to explore shared writing.  Shared writing is when each person has an opportunity to hold the marker and write part of the story.  It is a fantastic way for us to plan a story, think about the structure of a story with a beginning, middle and end, and of course revisit a shared experience!  Our shared writing is about the gingerbread hunt, and everyone is so excited to contribute.  

Our shared writing has also helped lots of children model how they s-t-r-e-t-c-h out the sounds in words and write the sounds they hear.  As your children write at home, please encourage to write sounds on their own!  In kindergarten, we say it's more important to see yourself as a writer than to worry about if you wrote the right letter!  Writers keep on writing!  We will keep on working on our story and of course add detailed illustrations!

We learned the popcorn word a this week and practiced finding it in familiar storybooks, along with our word I.  As you read at home, encourage your child to find familiar "popcorn words" in the text with you.

Have a great homecoming weekend!


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