Friday, September 11, 2015

Shapes Shapes Everywhere... and More!

We continued thinking about corners and sides with our shape stations during math workshop this week.

Hunting for shapes and labeling them...
Collaborating in shape building using straws and connectors...
but our favorite BY FAR was a game we affectionately termed "the swirly game" on the SMARTboard!  Children took turns calling on each other to come up and drag a shape over to the matching label, where the shapes would "swirl away!"

We also continued writing and reading this week.  We began our study of the gingerbread man stories and many children wondered if we would make gingerbread cookies.  We will see!  Some of the terms we discussed and compared were character and setting.  Here are some of the great titles we read this week:

We are looking forward to Curriculum Night next Thursday!  We will see you then!


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