Friday, September 4, 2015

First Week of School

What a great week we had!  Our class got to know each other this week through songs, play and much more!

Rocking on the swings
Sharing a story
Exploring Playmobil--a favorite of many!
Building at the light table

Digging in the sandbox--even on these hot days it is great to get outside!
Lego construction
Counting with playdough 
Trying out our new roller coaster STEM board
We also explored patterns during math games in the afternoon.  Children worked with a math partner to build and name patterns.

Our kindergartners began to learn all about Writers Workshop too!  We start by encouraging everyone to tell their own stories, to draw and add labels.  We encourage phonetic spelling and always say our writing motto: When we are done, we have just begun!  Today, we took the opportunity to tell our stories orally to a writing partner--oral storytelling is often the gateway to encourage children to tell more in their written stories!

Writing partners sitting across from each other, listening to each others' stories (we took the picture from above since they are wearing nametags)

Have a great weekend and we will see you Tuesday!


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