Thursday, October 8, 2015

Safety Week

We have been thinking about safety procedures this week--ways we stay safe "just in case."

For bus safety, we visited Mr. Ryks, the head of transportation at Breck, to think about bus safety rules.

We learned that staying 10 feet away from the bus is the best way to be visible to a driver.  We also learned that buses are very safe--and we practiced hopping out the back emergency door (teachers too!). 

During this critical safety week, we have also talked about fire drills and lockdown drills.  We walk through the steps of each so our students have some prior knowledge before our required drills. 

These can be scary for children and we strongly emphasize how our first priority is to keep our students safe.  There are lots of resources out there to help grown-ups negotiate the waters of these tough topics.  Feel free to check out this article from the Huffington Post about talking to children about lockdowns, or this one from a blogger about how she approaches talking to her children about drills in general.

Have a peaceful weekend and enjoy your book baggies!


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