Thursday, November 12, 2015

November News

Happy Fall---brrr, it was windy and cold out there on our playground today!

Some friends still managed a smile despite the blustery conditions!

Our current unit in Readers Workshop, Sharing Reading with a Partner, wraps up next week. The children brainstormed many of the ways sharing with a partner helps them read.  Here are some wonderful snippets from our brainstorm:

"Sharing a book with my partner helps me read words I don't know!"

"When we read together we laugh at the same funny parts."

"When my partner reads a book, then I might want to read it later."

It was fantastic to hear how powerful reading partners have been with our students this fall!  

We will begin a "Readers Theater" version of The Three Billy Goats Gruff, a story that the children are well-versed in and eager to retell!  Readers Theater is a script based on a piece of literature, a collaborative read-aloud that encourages reading fluency, reading with expression, and confidence.  It is a read-aloud play without props or costumes, where the children are encouraged to make the story come to life through their independent reading of a script at their reading level.  Our children will work in two groups to read, practice and perform the play later next week!  For more on Readers Theater and its connection to reading, check out this education world article.  

Writers Workshop: Small Moments

We began to think about "seed stories," also known as small moments, this week to wrap up our unit on personal narratives.  We imagined that many things we want to talk about--our first day of school, a trip to Florida, etc.--are all "watermelons"--big stories that have many, many pieces.

We read two wonderful stories to help think about how to take one moment or "seed" from a day and stretch it out across pages to tell a story.

Both stories zoom in on one experience and evoke different feelings--one story is humorous, one story is peaceful.  One of our students noted that the word "paperboy" does not have any finger spaces, and so we had a brief mini-lesson on compound words!  The children will pick one of their "seed stories" to "fancy up and publish" next week.  Keep up the great work writers!

Math in Focus

We will wrap up our math pilot for the Singapore Math-based program Math in Focus next week. We spent the last few weeks decomposing and composing numbers up to 5, as well as exploring the concepts of more and less.  This week, we began exploring the hundreds board and will wrap up our "number of the day" study with the number ten!  Each time we think about a number, we create a giant number and fill it with all the ways we represent that number.  We'll post a picture of our whole awesome number line once 10 goes up.

Counting glass stones during play--with chopsticks

Happy Birthday!

We celebrated another wonderful birthday in kindergarten.  And what could be better than hearing Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

Enjoy your special day!


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