Wednesday, December 9, 2015


We had another wonderful visit from our middle school biobuddies today!  We started off by connecting our subject for the day, the five senses, with the animal groups we study throughout the year.  We watched some of the video below--check it out if you would like.  It has some fascinating facts about animal super senses.  We learned that bees, butterflies and the octopus are all touch tasters--they taste with their feet!

After learning about animal senses, it was time to explore our own five senses.

Using our sense of hearing with listening jars
Tasting sweet, bitter, sour and salty things!

Guess what the picture is!

Feel and guess!

What does the picture look like?
Listening jars--some were tricky!

Then it was time for weighing and measuring...

Thank you to our buddies!  We will see you again in January!


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