Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy St. Lucia Day!

We celebrated St. Lucia Day today!  We listened to some wonderful music that may still be playing in our students' heads.

We learned who St. Lucia was and how she is celebrated every December 13th, the longest night of the year, in Sweden.  In the tradition, the eldest daughter plays St. Lucia and wears a crown of candles, along with a white gown with a red sash.  She serves breakfast to the parents along with the other siblings, with the girls wearing crowns and the boys dressed as "star boys."

A lot of our star boys are trying to keep their hats on!
We also made lussekatter, or traditional St. Lucia buns.  They were definitely a hit!

Mrs. Bollig from Mrs. Wegner's class visited us as St. Lucia
and gave the children pepperkakor, little gingerbread cookies.  According to the tradition, if you press a finger in the middle of the cookie and it breaks into three pieces, you can make a wish.  If not, then you still get a yummy cookie to eat!

We are looking forward to stuffing our pinata tomorrow in preparation for Las Posadas!  


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