Wednesday, December 2, 2015


We had lots of fun in the snow this week.  Thank you to all our families for having winter gear ready to go!

St. Nicholas

Of course, we are all waiting to see if St. Nicholas comes to Breck and leaves candies in our homemade shoes!  During the month of December, we study many holiday traditions across the world, starting with St. Nicholas.  St. Nicholas is believed to be the patron saint of children and sailors.  According to the story, over a thousand years ago, Nicholas gave up his worldly possessions and gave to those in need.  When he saw that a family with three daughters was destitute, he threw gold coins in their window, where they landed in the family's shoes and socks.  Nowadays, many people leave out clogs, shoes or stockings in hopes that St. Nicholas will bring good food, candies or coins.

The St. Nicholas Center has some interesting resources for children about St. Nicholas and the varying traditions used around the world on this holiday.  The site also features links to images of St. Nicholas statues around the world, something we looked at as a class to think about how he is portrayed and celebrated in different nations.

St. Nicholas Day is celebrated in many countries on December 6th.  The students made and decorated paper clogs in hopes that he will stop by Breck sometime soon!


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