Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Reading Strategies

We kicked off the new year in kindergarten by looking deeper at some of our reading strategies.  We use animal cues to help children remember some of the ways they can "attack" a new book.

Earlier this week, we recalled that we can use our "Lips the Fish" and "Eagle Eye" when reading.  Lips the Fish helps the children remember to get their mouth ready to say a beginning sound in a word.  Eagle Eye is a crucial skill which we practiced as a group on the board.

First we read the sentence and examine the first sound of a word (in this case, the last words).  We try to imagine what the word might be based on context, what makes sense, and the beginning sound.
Then we look at the pictures and use our "Eagle Eye--"cross-checking the picture to see if it makes sense with the last word.
Last we examine the rest of the word and check it against the picture using that keen "Eagle Eye!"                                      
In the coming weeks, we will reexamine some familiar reading strategies and introduce some new reading strategies, including "Flippy Dolphin" and "Scoopy Whale!"  


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