Friday, January 22, 2016


We delved into subtraction this week with the book If I Were a Minus Sign.  The book comes from a series of great books introducing math concepts to children.  A video reading of the book is below.

The children began building their own subtraction stories for a class book version of Minus Sign, using whiteboards to practice first.

We also played the SMARTboard game "Hungry Shark."  We followed along with the story problem as the hungry shark ate schools of fish, and used our understanding to write number sentences corresponding with each step.

The children explored the iPad app Mathopolis this week as well.  The app is designed to have the children or teachers choose different levels of addition and subtraction, then gives them quick equations to solve within a ten second (or less, depending on the level of difficulty) frame.  Each time they solve a problem, they are helping the firefighters put out a fire.  The app encourages fluency with math facts in addition and subtraction, something we call "Fast Math" in kindergarten!  For a review/preview of the app, check here.


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