Thursday, February 11, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a wonderful and relatively low-key party today!  At first, everyone was very excited to meet to play with their Valentine bears.  Then it was time to have our party!

Valentine's Day BINGO

Decorating heart cookies

 And making love critters!

Then it was time for some candy heart experiments.  We discussed whether we thought candy hearts would sink or float, and everyone made a prediction.  Then the students got to work dropping hearts in water and observing.  Our second experiment involving dropping candy hearts into water, soda water and vinegar and observing the results.

Ask your kindergartner what happened and what they observed!  The students also wondered what would happen if we left the hearts in water over the weekend, so we left some in a jar and we'll see the results on Monday.  Some children hypothesized that the water would turn a new color from the hearts, while some thought the hearts would dissolve completely.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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