Monday, February 8, 2016

Informational Writing

We started our new unit in writing this week, a unit on non-fiction informational writing called "All Abouts."  We began the unit this week by reading Cats by Gail Gibbons.  Students brainstormed with their writing partners about what features they noticed in non-fiction and we created a class chart.

Our chart will help us as the students begin thinking about what kind of informational book they could write later this week!

Daily Five Literacy Stations

The students also explored some of our literacy stations last week and this week.  They included:
Reading fluency cards with expression
Reading just-right books
Word work--building crosswords

Many of the children have also been writing Valentine's Day letters, creating new words from the letters in "Valentine" and lots more.  As the week continues, we'll continue searching for Valentine's Day words, writing valentine poems, and reading friendship books.

The Lion and the Mouse

To kick off our Valentine's Day celebration, we began with the story The Lion and the Mouse.  Before we watched this video (without the sound), we discussed how a fable tells a story with a lesson or a take-away.  After watching the video, we retold the story as a class and brainstormed what we thought the lesson was.  The lesson of this fable is often considered to be "a kindness is never wasted."  Since Valentine's Day is about friendship and kindness, we made "lion-hearted" valentine mailboxes.

Now we can't wait to fill them with valentines later this week!


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