Friday, February 19, 2016

American Leaders: President Lincoln

To kick off our study of American symbols and leaders, we learned the story of Abraham Lincoln.
We read this great story about a little boy whose neighbor looks just like Abe Lincoln!
We talked about President Lincoln's leadership, his upbringing and his belief in freedom.  We touched on how he was president during a rough time in our history, and how eventually he kept the country together.  We also talked about it's important to remember we can learn from how someone lived, since many of the children focused on how he died.  We looked at pictures of the Lincoln Memorial and found Lincoln on the penny and the five dollar bill.

Everyone made little Abes to hang in the classroom, which we are going to turn into little George Washingtons next week!  The other symbols we will study later this month include the Statue of Liberty, the American flag and Mount Rushmore.


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