Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fast Math

During our math workshop this week, we have focused on our fact fluency for number partners to ten, or as we call it, "fast math."  Our "Rainbow to Ten" helped us think about the number partners that make up ten.

During our workshop, some children worked on "bear bags."  To play, a student shakes the bag and identifies the two sets of bears on either side of the plus sign that make up the ten or more bears in the bag.

Some children practiced finding different ways to name a number with our shamrock math.

We also introduced the "math cups" game, wherein two children pair together.  One child reads a number sentence or equation on the inside of the cup, and the partner verifies the answer, which is written on the bottom of the cup.  If the child gets the answer right, then they start building a tower with it.

This game was a huge hit and it is a super fun and easy way to do some math at home!


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