Friday, April 8, 2016

Back to School!

We are back into the swing of things as we finish out our kindergarten year!  It is going by so quickly.

Our students worked in math stations this week on adding coins, delving into word problems and exploring a coding app Daisy the Dinosaur.

The app is a lot of fun and teaches children how to program a dinosaur (a lot like our class dinosaur) to do different moves.  The app store link is here if families are interested.

We also spent time on in our "Daily Five" literacy stations.

Building crossword words
Reading phrase by phrase
Identifying word families
Reading with expression in partners
Sorting words by medial vowel sounds
Writing "secret" consonant-vowel-consonant words
We are working on some special "Readers Theater" pieces, in which the children will read and act as the characters from different short stories.  The goals of Readers Theater include reading with expression,  increasing fluency, and collaborating with a set of peers.  Look for some pictures later next week!

Writers Workshop: Persuasive Writing

We began our last formal writing unit of the year, persuasive writing.  We start by thinking about problems we see around the school, playground, classroom--anywhere in our Breck community.  The children are encouraged to use posters to name the problem and come up with reasons why it is a problem.  As the weeks go on, we will talk about using positive language (as in "please walk" rather than "don't run") and how to use rich language to be even more persuasive.  Many children are writing about seeing trash on the floor in the hallway, about noise in the hall--even bus safety!  We will publish and post our posters around the school on April 22 for Earth Day.  

Spring Service Project                                                

It is time for Birthday Wishes!  Families who use our local food shelf often are unable
to buy extra items that make a birthday special, such as:
Cake Mix & Frosting
Paper Plates 

We have learned that people from cultures around the world celebrate in
other ways so we are also collecting:
Cookie mix
Pizza crust mix

If you would like to donate, please bring items to school  April 14-May 2.  Thank you for your GENEROSITY!


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