Thursday, April 21, 2016

Earth Day Part I

We have been getting ready for Earth Day tomorrow.  We learned the song "I Love the Mountains" and even watched a short version of the song from the Discovery Channel similar to this one.

(We did talk about how in one scene, there are some scientists playing
a prank on each other, which is pretend and in real life would be very dangerous!)

The students have also started to learn the song "All Earth's' Critters Have a Place in the Choir" in preparation for our service trip to the Walker Home in May.

We also talked about the differences between reducing, reusing and recycling.  The students started a tally today with how many times they reduced what they used, how many times they recycled and how many times they reused things during the school day.  We'll record how much we can do tomorrow and share our results!
We also read the classic The Giving Tree.  The students had an honest discussion about whether or not the boy chopping down the tree and using its branches and apples was a good choice for the Earth or a negative one.  On one hand, some argued that it was not because trees help clean the air and give us oxygen.  On the other hand, some argued that it was a good choice for the earth because he didn't waste anything the tree gave him.

Look for more pictures of our grass planting and singing tomorrow!


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