Thursday, September 22, 2016

Math Workshop: Shapes and Patterns

We continued our exploration of shapes and patterns this week.  We kicked off the week with a look
at some of Frank Lloyd Wright's stained glass like the one below.

We were fascinated with the patterns and noticed that some shapes interrupted the patterns. Some children noted that patterns moved vertically and horizontally, and that patterns occurred with shape and color.

Each child created their own stained glass piece with shapes and told a story on Seesaw about their piece.
great patterning on the stained glass!
We began our math journals this week too!  Each child worked with a partner to make and then record a pattern--some even got up to four-piece patterns!

The children also used an attribute app to sort shapes and think about different attributes like shape, color and size.

Next week, we will continue to create our own repeating and growing patterns, as well as reviewing some more complex shapes such as trapezoids, hexagons and rhombuses.


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