Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Making Butter

For our study of life long ago, we made our own butter!  Since a wooden churn was not readily available, we went with a more modern standby, Tupperware.

With heavy whipping cream, and some tape to seal our Tupperware, we sang our chant "shake, shake, shake, we will butter make!" and shook the cream to make butter.  We had a secret ingredient too--we put a marble in the cream, so when then we couldn't hear the marble anymore, our cream had thickened into butter!  What would we eat it with?

Well, time to make pumpkin bread then!

Let the taste test begin!

If you would like the recipe for our pumpkin bread, check here (we had lots of requests from the students).  Please note that if you make loaves, as we did, it might take a bit longer to bake (we went with about 40 minutes at 350 degrees for mini-loaves).  For making your own butter, heavy whipping cream and a sealable container for shaking will do the trick!  We refrigerated the solidified cream for a few hours before serving, and added salt to one portion.


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