Friday, November 11, 2016

Math and Coding

This week, we finished up our study of numbers to ten.  We have taught the children the idea of "part-part-whole"--decomposing or breaking apart numbers into smaller numbers.  Our independent station during math workshop this week was "Pond Bonds," part of the Number Bonds app.

Children had to find the missing smaller part to make up the bigger part.  One strategy we discussed today was counting on from the bigger number when putting numbers together.  We looked at a card like this one:
When adding the dots together, we modeled how it was easier to start at the larger number and count up to figure out how many.  The strategy of "counting on" is something we will emphasize during the year to help build math fluency.  

Daisy the Dinosaur

Next Friday, we will join our nation in the spirit of "Hour of Code" (for more info, check here).  Each kindergartener will have the opportunity to explore the fun programming app Daisy the Dinosaur as an introduction to coding.  Just to be clear, our classrooom dinosaur was named Daisy way before we even used this app!

After becoming familiar with the app during math workshop next week, kindergarteners will partner up next Friday in the dining room at the start of the day for our own mini "Hour of Code."  This will also be a special pajama day for the school as well.  It promises to be a great day!


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