Friday, November 18, 2016

Patterns Around The World

Thank you to all the families and friends who brought patterns to share this week!  We estimated that Asia had the most objects shared.  One of the teachers shared a boomerang from Australia and tried to see if it would boomerang in the hallway; unfortunately, it did not.  But with our growth mindsets, we are going to try again on the playground next week!

Nesting dolls from Russia

Apron from Sri Lanka

Purse from Myanmar

Child's outfit from Vietnam

Flag banner from Israel
Jeweled camel from Egypt
Postcards and placemat from England

Doll from Cuba

Bracelet from Mexico

Runner/blanket from Costa Rica

Many children noticed color patterns, while some noticed shape patterns and animal patterns.  If families are in the building in the next few weeks, check out student pictures on the map outside our classroom!


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