Friday, November 4, 2016

The Locker Project: Part One

At several points during the year, we stop to celebrate the ultimate expression of individuality: the self portrait.  During the year, we encourage the children to create self-portraits in different settings and weather, to explore a variety of art media, to use symmetry, and so much more.  

We call this "the locker project" since the self-portraits replace the students' name tags on the lockers.  The placement is meaningful as well; since we walk by our lockers at multiple points during the day, the children are naturally drawn to examining their own portraits and studying those of their peers.

For the beginning of our study, the children used paper and sharpies to create a full-body self-portrait. They used a fade from dark to light or light to dark of their favorite color as a background.  

Find your student's portrait here.  Each portrait is a standout!


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