Friday, December 9, 2016

Addition Week

During our math workshop this week, we explored how we can write equations to show how we put numbers together.  We talked about there are lots of ways to show how smaller numbers are put together to make larger numbers.

We can use number bonds with our app Bird Bonds...

Or create number bonds with a partner and fill in the missing "part..."

Or add the dots on a domino together and write an equation to match!

Everyone also had the opportunity to build a number line and play snowman squeeze!  Snowman squeeze is a game where one friend sets snowmen on either side of a number line and thinks of a number.  Their partner guesses the number, and the friend moves the snowman to show if the number is greater or less than their guess.  Slowly the snowmen "squeeze" towards the correct number.  The game is great for thinking about more than and less than.


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