Thursday, December 1, 2016

How to Build a Popcorn Word

This week, we learned the popcorn word and.  We sang along with another class for a short song and movement with the word and.

Then it was time to build our word.  Everyone choose a way to build the word.  Some used stickers...

while some used daubers...

 And some used straws and yarn, which was pretty challenging!
So far we have learned seven popcorn words, but the students recognize so many more than that from reading every day!

Tomorrow, we will meet our newest animal friend, Chunky Monkey, to help us break words into recognizable parts to sound them out.  So far, we have met Tryin' Lion (who helps us keep trying), Stretchy Snake (who reminds us to stretch out sounds), and Eagle Eye (who helps us check the picture clues to see what an unknown word might be).  If any families are interested in a bookmark featuring many of the strategies we talk about this year, you can check here.  If you would like us to make you one, just email us and we can make one to go in the book baggie for next week!


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