Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy Birthday!

We had a wonderful birthday celebration today!  The birthday book was the adorable Who Wants a Hug? 

Happy Birthday!  Enjoy your special day!

Fast Math

During our math workshop this week, we have focused on our fact fluency for number partners to ten, or as we call it, "fast math."  Our "Rainbow to Ten" helped us think about the number partners that make up ten.

During our workshop, some children worked on "bear bags."  To play, a student shakes the bag and identifies the two sets of bears on either side of the plus sign that make up the ten or more bears in the bag.

Some children practiced finding different ways to name a number with our shamrock math.

We also introduced the "math cups" game, wherein two children pair together.  One child reads a number sentence or equation on the inside of the cup, and the partner verifies the answer, which is written on the bottom of the cup.  If the child gets the answer right, then they start building a tower with it.

This game was a huge hit and it is a super fun and easy way to do some math at home!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The mysterious leprechaun was in our room overnight and made quite a mess!
Tables were stacked on top of each other and little leprechaun tracks were everywhere!  Luckily the kindergarteners made lots of traps to catch the leprechauns.

We weren't lucky enough to catch one, but we did hunt around the school and finally got some gold!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Happy BEAR Day everyone!

We started the day with some yummy bear pancakes...

The teachers were particularly proud of the family of bears made on the griddle!

Then it was time to read to our bears.  It was so wonderful to see how eager our students were to read to their best bears!


Our bears were a very receptive audience!

Of course we showed our bears the playground...

Then it was time to do some bear math and compare our bears.

We studied a few live bear camera feeds today.  One from Ely, Minnesota, found here, showed the outside of the bear den. We later found a great live bear cam from Alaska featuring a few playful Grizzly Bear cubs.  Happy bear watching!

Thank you for a wonderful BEAR day.  We know the bears loved learning from our students today!

Last Skating Day!

We had a terrific skating day to finish off our skating unit for the year.  Well done kindergarten--and with no skating trainers this time!

Thanks for a great skating season!

Friday, March 11, 2016

The Digestive System

We had a lot of fun talking about the digestive system in preparation for Biobuddies next week.  First, we did an experiment.  We pretended a plastic bag was the stomach and "ate" some crackers.  Next we drank some soda, which acted as the stomach acids as well.
After two hours, our "stomach contents" looked pretty mushy!

We watched a little blurb from the Magic School Bus about the esophagus and the stomach. 

Then we imagined what would happen if we could see how long our digestive system really is.

The pink ribbon is the mouth, the tan is the esophagus, the orange is the stomach, the white is the small intestines, and the black is the large intestine.  When we stretched them across the room, we discovered that our small intestines could loop around two tables!  We learned that there is way more to our digestive system than just the stomach.  Stay tuned for some updates from next week's bio-buddy visit!
Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Westwood Hills Nature Center

We visited the Nature Center to look for signs of animals in winter.  Given the temperate weather, we were able to find lots of tracks in the mud, not snow!

We saw turkey tracks (male and female), red squirrel tracks, deer tracks and lots of scat!

A favorite part of the trip is always the puppet show.  The children learn from the animal puppets themselves about hibernation, activity and migration in winter.

Some animals that are not part of our Minnesota habitat still make for fun viewing too!

An entertaining tarantula
Cool snake!

Finding animals sleeping in the mud for winter
Thank you to all our parent helpers!  We will be back to the nature center in the spring to see what else turns up!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wacky Wednesday

We had a terrific wacky Wednesday!  It proved to be a wacky good time!
The wacky hair brigade--some Whoville characters! 
Rainbow fun
Just plain wacky!
Tutu wackiness!
Our Wacky Wednesday and The Cat in the Hat day would not be complete without a little cat treat!

Some children enjoyed wearing their self-made silly Seuss names this week, like "Bob the bob"

Of course we did lots of great Seuss learning to go along with our stories and silliness this week!  In our math stations, some children tried the Seuss word problem challenge, while others did One Fish Two Fish-inspired addition!

Thank you to our families for supporting our Wacky Wednesday and to our students who had so much Seuss fun with us!