Thursday, January 12, 2017

Literacy This Week

Our Readers' and Writers' Workshops were flowing with lots of new ideas and collaborations these last few weeks!  In writing, the kindergarteners are working on creating their own step-by-step books for teaching someone "how-to" do something.  We are working on employing easy-to-read writing, along with details and words like "first, next, last" to label our steps.  If your kindergartner is interested in trying one at home, Time For Kids has an article for children to help them make a "how-to."

In reading, the children have started with a Readers' Theater version of The Mitten.

Readers' Theater is a fantastic way for children to connect with a piece of literature.  Readers' Theater involves a script of the story, at the developmentally appropriate reading level, that allows the children to read as a character.  As they read as that character, they work on reading with expression and reading with fluency--reading more phrase by phrase rather than word by word.  Once we have rehearsed the script a few times, the children have a chance to play out the theater before the rest of the class!  We will continue to rehearse next week so stay tuned!


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