Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Reading How-Tos

The kindergarteners are well into their "How-To" writing unit.  As the students write, they work on telling someone how to do, build, create, or make something that they as authors are already experts in.  One child is writing about how to make a paper mache house, while another is telling us the steps in doing a skating crossover.  Everyone is bringing their unique talents and interests to this writing! Along with that, the kindergarteners continue to focus on making their writing easy to read, adding as many sounds to their words as they can hear, and using words like first, next, last to anchor the steps of their book.

With all the work put into the students' "How-To" writing, we decided that this week would be a wonderful time for the children to shine a light on their writing and read it to a preschool buddy.  Mr. Thayer's class was so excited to hear the children share their writing and expertise.

We are hoping to share our version of The Mitten through a few Readers' Theater performances for Mrs. McCool's class next week. When the kindergarteners read their writing to an audience, or retell a story to an audience, it brings purpose and excitement to what they work on everyday.  Well done kindergarten!


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