Monday, February 27, 2017

Country Study: Venezuela

We were so thrilled to hear from our friend Nico and his parents about Venezuela today.  The kindergartners got to see where Venezuela is located in South America, see photographs of animals from the jungle and coast, and study the Venezuelan flag.  We even saw photographs of Carnival, which takes place in the month of February.  

Finding Venezuela in South America
Studying all the different animals--lots of children liked the tiger and the sloth

Zooming on the coast near Caracas
We were impressed with our kindergartner's Powerpoint presentation!  Then it was time to sample the amazing foods--arepas, papaya, mango, plantains, pineapple, fried yuca... so delicious!  Many children were fans of the fruit and the plantain chips.

The children made the Venezuelan flag and wore beads in celebration of Carnival as well.  Thank you so much to our family for sharing some of the geography and culture of Venezuela.  It will definitely give many students extra background knowledge when we dive into creating animal atlases of the continents this spring!


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