Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Heart Part Two

We continued our study of the circulatory system this week. We reviewed the children’s knowledge of the heart and how it pumps blood and oxygen around our bodies.

The kindergartners then discussed how a stethoscope could help us listen to our hearts as they pump. The children worked in partners to create their own stethoscope from found materials. The creation had to function just like the stethoscope we examined: it had to allow the user to listen to his/her heart or his/her partner’s heart. The children used tubing, foam, funnels, tape, and scissors--and began trying things out immediately!
Through this project, the children channeled their growth mindset and tried several different strategies to create a stethoscope. The children created several types of stethoscopes and each group utilized the materials in different ways. One child remarked, “it was hard, but we did it!”

The children will continue working on their stethoscopes next week as they explore how they can hear their hearts pumping. We will share our new knowledge with our biobuddies next week as well.


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