Sunday, April 9, 2017

Insect Study

This week we continued our study of different animal groups, and focused on Insects. We began by reading the book Insect Detective by Steve Voake, which encourages children to look around them and notice all the amazing insects in our world.

The children then learned what makes Insects special.  All insects have three body parts: head, thorax, and an abdomen.

We also learned that insects always have 6 legs, and compound eyes. Insects also have their skeleton on the outside instead of the inside, and it’s called an exoskeleton.  After learning all of the important things that make Insects special, each child created their own insect model, ensuring that it had all of these aspects. Look at their amazing insects!

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To continue our learning the children have been creating symmetrical insects at the easel. The children have also created an insect habitat in the sensory table for their new models. We can’t wait to continue our research! 


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