Sunday, April 9, 2017

S.T.E.A.M. Nest Building

We researched various animal groups by looking at the kinds of nests built by each group. First, we examined the many types of nests built by birds and insects. The children then learned how turtles build nest for their eggs in the sand, and how amphibians and fish lay eggs and hide them from predators using different methods.

After looking at many different types of nests, the children developed a list of what they thought were the most important similarities among all the nests:
  • All nests are built to fit the size of the eggs
  • All nests protect the eggs
  • All nests are built with materials from the animals’ habitat

After compiling this list, the class decided that this would be the list of guidelines to use when building their own nests. The children then created their own nests using found materials or materials from “our habitat.” They also chose what type of animal group nest they would build. Many children chose to build bird nests or insect nests. Look at their amazing creations and the thinking involved!


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