Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Time for Subtraction

This week, we began exploring subtraction.  We started using the language that we have used in the past when putting numbers together, and talked about how when we are taking part away from a whole, we use subtraction to find the missing part.  We began by exploring some word problems orally, and creating equations to match.  Then it was time to play the egg game!

During the egg game, partners took turns hiding part of their bunny erasers under the egg.  Their partners had to identify what part was missing.  For example, if we started with 8 bunnies and 3 are here, then 5 must be in the egg.

After egg game, children engaged in the thinking routine, "Think, Pair, Share."  Each student thought of a time when they used subtraction in their everyday lives and shared with their partners.  Then each student recorded their thinking in their math journal.

Great job thinkers!


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