Thursday, May 4, 2017

Minneapolis Institute of Arts Trip

We had a wonderful tour of the MIA today.  Our docent showcased several pieces from different continents that featured different animal groups.

Camel ceramics from Asia
Cricket cages and even a cricket tickler!
Grey heron in a piece from Europe
Totem Pole from Alaska featuring many animals--many children journaled about this piece!
Beaded mask from Africa with birds

Is it a panda or a mouse?  Lots of discussion around this great piece from Japan
Crocodile drum for Papua/New Guinea

Cheetah mural 
Elephant mosaic from Turkey
 During our scavenger hunt, it was clear that mammals in art are easy to find, but insects and fish require looking closely and often!  The students looked closely at many pieces, and found that the totem pole, cheetah and panda stuck with them with their rich colors and larger-than-life presence.  The trip was a great inspiration for the students' art and their continuing work on animal atlases.  Thank you to all our parent volunteers--we truly cannot do it without you!


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