Sunday, May 21, 2017

STEAM project: Windmills

On Friday we read The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer. This is a true story of a boy who created a windmill to bring power and water to his village.  

The children then created their own windmills from found materials, as the boy in the story had created his windmill from repurposed materials. While creating their windmills, the children used a variety of items such as cups, strips of paper, paper plates, tubes, paper towel rolls, tape, and scissors. Each child created their own windmill with the only rule: their breath, not their fingers, should power it. We also discussed how wind can provide an alternate source of power.  

It was amazing to see how the children used the materials, and worked through several strategies when their first was not successful. It was an excellent display of their growth mindset! Our kindergarteners continue to build their engineering capabilities through these STEAM challenges. What amazing work!


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